Spend an intimate night with Maroon 5 to close out the summer

Summer is beloved by most people as the greatest season. With just a single trip to the beach or even to a local park, it's easy to see why. The warm weather and time off from work and school make real life that much more bearable. That's why the summer stands alone as a time earmarked for accomplishing things like reading lists or summer trips. We've always held the summertime as a season to be enjoyed. And if you're looking to close this summer out with some late summer fun, look no further than this fantastic intimate evening of music and adventure with Maroon 5. 

This Maroon 5 Intimate Concert Night Show Pass is one of the best ways you could close off the summer. This concert brings together a Grammy Award-winning band with decades of hits in one of the biggest summer destinations nationwide: Universal Studios Orlando Resort. This VIP ticket is currently on sale for only $445, down from $495 (a savings of 10 percent). 

This Night Show Pass is your ticket to a whole night of fun that you'll remember forever. The pass includes an intimate invitation to a Maroon 5 concert with highly limited attendance. If you're a fan of Maroon 5 and their smash hits, this isn't something you'll want to miss out on. 

After the concert, the pass includes access to the Universal Studios park; with fewer people than a typical day allowed in, you'll be able to enjoy the park without the crowds and lines that usually plague the resort during the summer. You'll also enjoy unlimited food, soft drink, and alcohol (21+ of course) with your Night Show Pass. 

If you're looking for a fun getaway to close out the season with a bang, then look no further than the Maroon 5 Intimate Concert Show Night Pass. These tickets are $50 off at just $445, but hurry! The show is at the end of this month: August 26, 2022.

Prices subject to change.