This silly Prozd sketch shows the power of student councils in anime

Anime thrives on exaggeration. There isn't an aspect of anime and manga that isn't heightened to the most absurd proportions. Whether it's characters with preposterously verticle hair and eyes the size of teacup saucers to over-the-top reactions to the most mundane events, anime always has a flair for exaggeration.

Outside of design elements and character actions, anime is also prone to stretch the true nature of events and professions. Take the anime student council, for example. Since shonen—which is intended for a younger male demographic—is the most dominant genre in Western anime, there are a staggering amount of stories that take place in school. And in any anime where they're featured, the student council's role and prestige are given the typical dose of anime exaggeration.

In the video linked above, the YouTuber and voice actor, Prozd, does a hilarious take on how cartoonishly influential student councils are in most animes.