Trans-Millenia Consort is an awesome ambient album from 1988 by Pauline Anna Strom

Trans-Millenia Consort is an awesome ambient album by Pauline Anna Strom. Strom was also known under the pseudonym Trans-Millenia Consort. The album was released in 1988, and released on Ether Ship Records. In November of 2020, After 30 years without a release, Strom put out an album called Angel Tears in Sunlight. Sadly, she passed away a month later, unexpectedly. 

Rest in peace, Pauline.


Pauline was a Reiki master, spiritual counselor, and healer. She lived in San Francisco with her pet iguana, Little Solstice, where she ran a remote healing practice under the name "Reverend Paula." "I strive to teach people to be their own highest authority," she said, telling her clients, "You are in charge of your freedom, and your life. You are connected to the God of your heart.