Juice up your iPhone or iPad with this rugged-yet-colorful Lightning cable

Remember the last time you juiced up your iPhone using that short little charging cable it came with? The phone probably rang mid-charge, and it was a call you absolutely had to take. Of course, if you were at full charge, you could've taken the call from the comfort of your armchair. But if that wasn't the case, you probably contorted into a weird human pretzel so that you could get close enough to take the call without unplugging the adapter. 

But why make the choice? This five-foot-long USB-C to Lightning cable lets you power up from a distance, giving you more freedom to use your devices whenever you need them most. It's available now for just $39.99.

Considering Americans spend about 4.5 hours per day on their phones on average, it stands to reason we want to waste as little time as possible having them out of commission. Thus, being able to charge your phone during use is crucial, but perhaps even more importantly, we want these devices up and running as quickly as possible. This VIBRANCE Connect cable is claimed to be able to charge devices up to three times faster than a regular Lightning cable, and it'll sync data at the same time.

The braided cable offers extra durability, limiting exterior damage and offering more flexibility and less knotting, which are vital if you want to tug your phone around while you scroll your feed on your bed (which you should probably cut back on). Available in a variety of colors, pick your favorite and add a splash of color to your otherwise drab tech collection. And if you want to be particularly stylish, pick up a few cables and color code to your outfit-du-jour for a real fashion statement.

No matter what shade you choose, know that you'll be getting both high functionality and extra strength with this MFI cable. Compatible with a range of iPhones, iPads, and iPods, this must-have cable can be yours now for only $39.99.

Prices subject to change.