Woman allegedly used spell book to set ex-boyfriend's car on fire

Police arrested 47-year-old Kristy Malzi of Hollsopple, Pennsylvania for reckless burning, terroristic threats, and simple assault. According to authorities, Malzi confronted her ex-boyfriend with a loaded shotgun at a used car lot and then hit him. Workers intervened and locked the woman out of the building but also noticed that a Ford Focus outside was ablaze. Witnesses later told police they believe Malzi practiced "witchcraft" and that she used a spell book to set the car on fire. Literally. From WJACTV:

During their investigation, police say they found some of the burnt pages lying in the parking lot and the name of the book was "Wicca Book of Spells."[…]

They say she ignited the pages from the book before placing them on the driver side front seat of the car through an open window.