John Waters hosts formal dinner in Provincetown dump

For the past 58 years, John Waters has spent his summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This summer he hosted a "once in a gastronomical lifetime" meal in its dump. The 10-seat dinner was a benefit for the Provincetown Film Society and featured some really off-the-wall dishes.

Vanity Fair's Emily Kirkpatrick won the opportunity to go. She reports:

And over the duration of our five-course meal, it couldn't have been clearer that the cesspit of Waters's youth has long since been transmogrified into a tidy little recycling oasis. As if to underscore this point, during the event, a Thomas Kinkade–worthy sunset cast an ethereal glow over the rolling hills of manure and compost surrounding our parking lot banquet table…

And the meal just got weirder, and viler, from there. See what disgusting, but gourmet, foods were served next: Dancing Bulldozers and Noxious Gazpacho: Dining in a Dump With John Waters.