Coming soon from filmmaker Case Esparros: "The Absence of Milk in the Mouths of the Lost"

The Absence of Milk in the Mouths of the Lost is the new feature length film by artist and filmmaker Case Esparros, director of King Baby (2019) – IMDb. You can watch the trailer here. The film stars Hannah Weir, Gary Wilson, Amelie Fernandez, and River Faught. The score was crafted by Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes.

Through his films, Esparros creates an otherworldly mythology full of deeply fascinating outsider characters and eerie expressions of escapism. The trailer presents praise from filmmaker John Waters, "Every so often the pulse of the underground gets resurrected, this is one of those moments," as well as filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, "Esparros has created a world and mythology like no other. He's operating entirely in his own lane."

The film begins touring in Los Angeles at Zebulon on 9/10, and will make its way around the country. Be sure to check out the film tour below and see if it's playing in a city near you. Stay tuned for updates about the film with Esparros via both his personal Instagram page and Dancing Fireman Pictures, his independent film studio. 

Film description from IMDB: "A single mother struggles with the grief of her missing child on the one-year anniversary of her disappearance, while her neighborhood milkman begins to feel a strong connection to her grief."