Stop losing items to the mattress monster with these bed sheets, on sale during this charity event

We're always looking for ways to make sleep more comfortable and efficient. And when it comes to upping your snooze game, there are a number of ways to do it. Our preferred way to kick your ZZZs up a notch is to ensure your bedding is of superior quality. That's pretty easy and affordable thanks to our Back to Education promotion. Right now, you can purchase a Queen-sized six-piece bamboo sheet set, complete with smart pockets, for $32.86 or 72% off while supplies last. The event runs from August 10th through 24th, and you can feel great knowing that a portion of your purchase will be donated to student issues such as under-funded schools. 

These nifty can bring your bedding into the 21st century. You can slip your phone, a flashlight, or any other necessary bedside gadgets or accessories into the blanket's 16-inch pockets, making them easy to access during those untimely 3 AM wake-ups. Plus, they're made with soft, breathable bamboo and high-quality microfiber. The color will even stay vibrant through multiple washes. 

These sleek features make the sheets a no-brainer, and there are plenty of buyers who feel the same way. For example, verified customer Gordon R. shared, "Wife loves the pockets on the sheets and was happy with the color and wrinkle free after washing the set before she put it on the bed." Meanwhile, Sally D. called these sheets "Soft, relatively wrinkle resistant, great color and fit."

Treat yourself to some luxury with this Queen-sized six-piece bamboo sheet set with smart pockets in gray. Normally $119, they're marked down to just $32.86 during our Back to Education event, which ends August 24th. For every sheet set we sell, we'll donate $0.50 to a charity in need, so by purchasing, you'll help out some students with issues like food insecurity in the process! After purchasing, you will receive an email asking which charity or school you would like to donate to, and at the end of the promotion, you will receive a follow-up email telling you where the proceeds are going.

Prices subject to change.