Vince Gilligan already has a Better Call Saul follow up

Vince Gilligan personifies the classic phrase, "an overnight success is ten years in the making." Before Breaking Bad became a phenomenon, Gilligan spent decades working in television writer's rooms. Obviously, finding consistent work as a television writer is already a solid success story, but Gilligan's attempts at creating a hit television series all fell flat. The Lone Gunmen tanked after one season, and Gilligan struggled to find a network for Breaking Bad during its days an unsold script. Now, the worm has completely turned for the writer. Every network on earth would love to produce a Vince Gilligan drama. What a difference a decade makes.

With the current closing on Better Call Saul, Gilligan has already literally begun plotting his next move. Gilligan's new show won't exist in the Breaking Bad universe and will lean more heavily on his roots in science fiction. As long as Gilligan's behind the proverbial typewriter, I already know I'll be hooked. 

Per Deadline, Gilligan's about to start shopping his new series around Hollywood. He's playing this one close to the vest, not divulging too many details about his next project before he can pitch to the seven or eight networks and platforms licking their lips at the prospect of more Gilligan. Deadline also reports that the show will take us back to Gilligan's X-Files roots. The writer-director got his start on the beloved 90s sci-fi procedural; however, this one is closer in tone to The Twilight Zone, described as "a blended, grounded genre drama." Nevertheless, Vince Gilligan is leaving the Breaking Bad universe behind, giving him a break from the brutal New Mexican sun.