Steve Bannon turns Vox's MAGA warning on its head: "We ARE a threat to the American state"

A recent Vox article, "Trump Is Pushing Us Toward the Abyss," sounded alarm bells about Trump's MAGA movement with a warning that anyone paying attention already knows: "His conspiracy theories about the FBI search have spawned a GOP assault on the legitimacy of the American state — and set the stage for violence."

And rather than pretend this isn't so, Steve Bannon boldly flipped the warning into a threat.

"They [Vox] didn't say the country, they didn't say America as a nation, they didn't say the American people," Bannon said on his War Room podcast today (see below). "The 'American state.' And they are absolutely correct. You said the quiet part out loud. We are a threat to the American state."

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