Marjorie Taylor Greene gets photobombed by nipple-baring prankster during Bannon interview (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried her darndest to ignore the man with a boot on his head (no, not boot-hat man Ron DeSantis) as he and his posse of pranksters hilariously photobombed her behind Steve Bannon's War Room glass partition on Tuesday.

But the tall, gray-bearded performance artist, Vermin Supreme — who worked a unicorn puppet with one hand before baring his nipple with the other — was impossible to ignore. And so was the rest of his amusing albeit obnoxious gaggle. (See video below, posted by Rod Webber.)

"You're clearly freaking them out," an insincere Bannon said, trying to soothe an exasperated Madge with false compliments. "They almost make you, like, the cloven-hoof wingman for Trump."

But Bannon's feeble feel-good attempts, along with the Supreme team's silly over-the-top antics, only seemed to further fluster the Georgia Qongresswoman. "Well, MSNBC may revolt – be revolting at me, but the people certainly aren't," she babbled, before calling Supreme a "buffoon."

"WE PHOTO-BOMBED MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE'S APPEARANCE ON STEVE BANNON'S WART-ROOM!" posted performance artist Rod Webber, the ringleader of such political stunts that have had him arrested at least 10 times since 2016. "And it is glorious…"

And honestly, as flat as Greene appeared to be during her Bannon interview, the desperate spotlight-seeker also seemed to suppress a smug smile as the group showered her with attention back to her getaway car. At the end of the day, she secretly loves it.