Watch Canadian QAnoners attempt to place police officers under arrest

Trusting the plan, these QAnoners believed police officers would obey the command, "stand down, you are under citizens arrest." They expressed surprise when the police officers not only didn't do as they were told, but turned the tables and arrested them.

The video starts with a guy who accuses the cops of committing "covid crimes" and says to them, "I'm placing all of youse under arrest." The cops waste no time in tackling him. He fights back, and another Qanoner (who might be the one recording the encounter), shouts, "I suggest you stand down. Stand down, please. You police are under arrest. Stand down." A violent, confusing scuffle ensues before order is restored. The defeated Qanoners resort to chanting a curse at the cops.

Another day in the exciting life of a Qanoner!