Don't paws! Get your dog in shape with this great piece of exercise equipment

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It's safe to say we all love dogs. How could you not? They are cute, friendly, funny, and to put it bluntly, we just don't deserve them! So for how much joy dogs bring into our lives, it's important that we do everything in our power to provide them the same amount of happiness. That's why PawRunner is an excellent option to help keep your dog in great shape and feeling good.

PawRunner is a treadmill that improves your dog's circulation, controls blood pressure, and helps them lose weight. So if the weather is bad or your schedule's busy, this handy piece of workout equipment gives your pupper (and you) no excuses! It features an ultra-quiet motor to ensure your dog's acute hearing isn't overloaded with sounds and vibrations. Plus, it's carefully designed with a safety key and an emergency stop button, so you don't have to worry about your canine pal getting injured. 

According to Dog Training Beyond, using a dog treadmill offers a lot of benefits, such as added control when Spot climbs on the treadmill without a leash. They state, "When you can achieve this level of training as an owner, you now have this control and leadership. Having better control and leadership of your dog will help behavior issues or bad manners." In addition, Pamela Johnson, CPDT-KA, told the American Kennel Club that dog exercise could help prepare your dog for a day of activity. She shared, "Treadmills can be a great way to get your dog a full-body workout, without the impact. You can use the treadmill to warm up your dog before trick training, dog sports, long walks or hikes."

Right now, you can turn your dog into the Olympic athlete that you know they should be with PawRunner, for just $349.99.

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