How the Warner Bros store went belly up

Remember when the mall was an experience? In the days before smartphones and high-speed internet, wandering around a mall, arms festooned with shopping bags, was the equivalent of mindlessly scrolling through Amazon Prime on the john. Certain stores in the mall were designed to ensnare potential customers with glittering storefronts that resembled a theme park gift shop. The Disney Store, FYE, and the Warner Brothers store felt like a mini vacation for kids in the 90s. The stores didn't just peddle merch; they possessed an undeniable style and brand-appropriate attractions that were too powerful for children to resist.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Hats Off Entertainment discusses the rise and fall of the Warner Brothers store. Given the host of negative press that Warner Brothers has earned in the last month, I thought a video reflecting on happier times for the billion-dollar company would help us all forget about our favorite shows and movies getting the ax.