A school board continues to ban Pride flags by calling them "political"

The Kettle Moraine School Board in Wales, Wisconsin, continues to block the display of the rainbow flag on grounds that it is "political." Locals are aghast, the ACLA seems interested, but where are all the MAGAs screaming about the free speeches?

Fox 6:

"I am not controversial. I am not political. I am a person," one student told the board.

Students and parents loudly shared their opinions with the Kettle Moraine School Board before the vote. 

"I don't see a good reason for this policy," said a parent. 

"The fact is, the majority of students don't want or need this, so catering to the minority only encourages the envelope to be pushed further," said a student. 

Several people spoke in support of the policy, but the majority of public comment was strongly against it.

"Pride flags are not me taking a political stance," said a student. "They are a statement saying I accept myself and others."

"We are trying to speak out because it's not right," said Farrar.