Why did Kubrick demand so many takes?

Life is all about avoiding extremes. Descending too far toward one end of the spectrum in any aspect of life will usually lead to disaster. Working hard is commendable, but becoming a workaholic is almost as destructive as procrastination. Perfectionism is another personality quirk that seems beneficial on the surface but can mutate into a massive hindrance. Unless, of course, you're Stanley Kubrick. Then perfectionism is the key to creating some of the greatest films in cinema history. 

Kubrick's discriminate eye for quality has become as legendary as the films it helped create. However, other equally accomplished directors have found similar success without driving their actors into fits with an endless array of takes. Why did Kubrick feel the need to attempt shots and sequences over and over again? In the video linked above, Cinema Tyler's YouTube channel presents an interesting look into Kubrick's infamous re-takes from Full Metal Jacket