Check out this awesome fan art for a Fantastic Four animated series

Unlike the X-Men and Spider-ManThe Fantastic Four didn't have a popular 90s cartoon that primed Millennials and Generation Z for the onslaught of Marvel films that Disney keeps shooting out. Yes, The Fantastic Four had a cartoon, but it wasn't nearly as memorable or consistent as the other two aforementioned Marvel mainstays. And this is coming from a die-hard FF fan. Trust me; the cartoon is- to use some modern parlance- mid and unequivocally not bussin'. 

Coupled with a decade of mediocre comics, most casual fans and comic aficionados think the Fantastic Four is a lame property. If only Marvel's first family had a new show that could convert a generation of kids into FF loyalists. 

Artist Matt Kaufenberg took matters into his own hands and developed some slick designs for a potential Fantastic Four animated series. The designs are playful and feel contemporary while simultaneously acknowledging the rich history of the FF.

Kaufenberg has a ton of character designs on his Instagram page, and you can check out his shop for other inspired pieces.