Kari Lake plans to put LGBTQ people in "concentration camps" says one of her fans

Arizona's GOP candidate for governor Kari Lake has a three-step plan to eradicate monkeypox, and it involves putting LGBTQ people in "concentration camps," says her fan, Ethan Schmidt.

"Folks of the LGBTQ community are raping and molesting their children and animals, giving them monkeypox," says the anti-vaxxer who frequently mentions his connections with Kari Lake, who has appeared with him in photos and at least one video. "But with me and Kari Lake's three-step plan, we'll stop the spread of monkeypox."

The steps include: 1) "Shut down all LGBTQ-affiliated businesses," 2) Force people in the LGBTQ to self-quarantine, and 3) "If they refuse, we're gonna have to hunt them down and round them up and put them into … concentration camps, or self-quarantine isolation camps."

After months of bragging about his connection to Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed candidate has still not publicly distanced herself from the unemployed gentleman, and even followed him on Instagram, according to LGBTQ Nation, "before his account was disabled for spreading false information."