Save over 60% off this nifty phone mount while supporting kids in need

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Whether you're commuting to class or visiting a sports center, learning a new skill could have your mind racing in a million places at once, and that might prompt you to take a glance at your phone while driving. But we'd highly recommend that you stop. According to the CDC, around 3,000 people die from being distracted while driving each year, so holding your phone behind the wheel is a major safety no-no. Not only can you injure yourself, but you also pose a threat to those around you.

Luckily, the Phone Vine Plus can make implementing your phone into your drives as safe as ever. Discounted to a mere $17.99 during our Back to Education event, this rearview mirror phone mount can keep your hands on the wheel while driving. It attaches to your mirror, extends up to 3cm, and safely rotates to 360 degrees.

This innovative mount isn't just a valuable driver's aid. It also extends downward by up to 12 inches thanks to its "telescope vine," allowing passengers to see the screen easily so they can help read maps or watch a movie while riding shotgun. And while the mount lets you adjust your phone pretty much every which way, it's completely secure thanks to the power grippers, which support phones up to 3.75 inches wide.

If you're nervous about installing one of these bad boys in your car, don't be! The intuitive ball joint system makes attaching the mount to your rearview mirror quick and easy — no complicated tools required!

Save 63% on Phone Vine Plus, now just $17.00 through August 24 during our Back to Education event. And for each purchase, $0.50 will be donated to a school or charity in need. You can vote for the organization via an email you'll receive after purchase, and we'll announce the winner after this promotion ends. 

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