Baby seal enters house through cat door, has a whale of a time

Watch this adorable baby seal flopping around the house of marine biologist, Phil Ross. The seal found its way into Ross' home in Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand, through one of the cat doors. The poor thing seems a little confused, but it's as cute as can be. And rest assured, the sweet baby is now safe and sound. CNN Staff writers explain the situation:

According to Ross, the family cat seemingly provoked the animal.

Ross said that his wife was able to encourage the seal out of the house and into the garden.

She then called the department of conservation ranger to get the baby fur seal to a safe place.

This is just more evidence to confirm my suspicion that seals are actually just dogs of the sea. I'm not alone in this opinion, as this video compilation highlights seals acting just like doggos. The caption on the video reads: "Seals and sea lions are basically the dogs of the sea! Watch these cute sea doggos swim around in their natural habitat for sea puppy play time!" Enjoy!