Practice Live Yoga With The World's Best Teachers Anytime, Anywhere

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The benefits of yoga are well known. According to John Hopkins Medicine, practicing yoga can improve strength and flexibility, benefit heart health, lead to better sleep, and even improve your mood. And according to Harvard Medical, people who do yoga use 43 percent fewer medical services and save anywhere from $640 to $25,000 a year. But like most things in life, it all comes down to time. If your schedule is already hectic, throwing yoga classes into the mix might seem nearly impossible. But thanks to Shvasa's live online courses, learning from the world's best yoga teachers is as simple as logging onto your computer.

Personalized Practice With A Master Yoga Teacher

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Shvasa lets anyone practice yoga with the world's best teachers from the comfort of home or anywhere else with an internet connection. And when we say live classes, we mean live classes. These aren't pre-recorded classes and aren't live streams where you passively watch others. It's a small group class with a teacher giving you specific, personalized feedback as you practice.

Shvasa's expert teachers build your yoga practice based on your goals in order to keep you motivated to develop this healthy habit. From timely alerts to personal messages from the teacher, the Shvasa team keeps you on track, so you don't drop your practice streak.

Start Your Free Shvasa Trial!

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Here's how it works. First, sign up for a free trial and book your classes based on your schedule. Then define your goals with an expert and share your medical history. Next, attend our expert-led live class to see the difference for yourself. Soon, if you decide to continue, you'll make yoga a habit and experience better sleep, less stress, more flexibility, and many other healthy, positive changes.

Shvasa offers multiple live classes of different styles in the morning and evening, so you can book what's convenient based on your busy schedule. You'll never have to miss a class because of class timing.So if you're ready to make holistic yoga a lifelong habit, click here for a free trial of Shvasa today!