Check out this silly fan trailer for Better Fuel Huell

When Mufasa spoke to Simba about the circle of life, I doubt he was referring to the life cycle of television shows, but the message is still incredibly applicable. When the sun sets on one series, another one takes its place. I think that's actually written into the contract of every television showrunner. When Breaking Bad came to a close, AMC decided the series was entirely too lucrative to end. Consequently, the network tasked Vince Gilligan to create Better Call Saul to fill the void. Initially, Better Call Saul seemed like a shameless cash grab, but the fact that the series is equivalent to Breaking Bad in terms of quality is a testament to Gilligan's strength as a writer. 

Once the curtain closed on Saul, many fans began to wonder if Gilligan would return to the Breaking Bad universe for another project. Although Gilligan claims to have other plans, the video linked above tells a different story. You've seen Better Call Saul; get ready for Better Fuel Huell.