Get ready for a new Red Sonja flick

Red Sonja is one of those characters that I'm surprised isn't more popular. You want a kick-ass female lead? Red Sonja has your back. Do you fancy stylish action sequences that can dovetail into richly layered metaphors thanks to a fantastical setting? Sonja has that in spades. Hell, in this era of interconnected movie universes, a working Red Sonja franchise could even set up a Conan the Barbarian crossover film. It seems like the idea and character were specifically designed to make a billion dollars for some lucky movie studio. 

For decades Red Sonja has found a home at Dynamite Comics, but it seems like the publisher is aiming to unleash the "she-devil with a sword" on Hollywood. According to Deadline, Red Sonja has a reboot on the way. The film will feature Matilda Lutz in the lead role and looks to capture the energy of the comic book series. 

Inspired by the sword and sorcery comic books of the same name by Dynamite Entertainment, Red Sonja is based on the heroine originally created for Marvel Comics by Robert E. Howard and subsequently adapted by Roy Thomas. While the character is described as a fearsome warrior boasting a high degree of skill with a sword, details as to the film adaptation's plot have not been disclosed. Hannah John Kamen had previously been set for the film's lead role of Red Sonja, though she's stepped aside due to scheduling conflicts, with Lutz now set to play the titular character. Day will portray her wicked half-sister Annisia, with Sheehan as Draygan. "I've wanted to make a Red Sonja movie since I was a teenager – she has been a powerful presence for me and a character that I have always wanted to bring to the screen with my own voice and vision," said Bassett. "When I met Matilda Lutz, I knew she had all the magic I was looking for and could see the complexity and depth she would bring to Sonja."