Bratwurst queen fired after attending forbidden luncheon

Abigail Brocwell was fired as the Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival bratwurst queen after attending a forbidden luncheon, reports the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum. According to the festival's board, Brocwell and her runners-up were already told to stop attending other festivals in their royal attire (dirndls, sashes, crowns) after previous conduct issues, and not to attend events—such as luncheons—reserved for festival queens and other meaty eminences.

"The board explained to Ms. Brocwell that by attending the luncheon, she interrupted the duties of another girl who had been delegated as a Bratwurst Festival representative, as directed by the board, for that luncheon," he wrote. "The board asked Ms. Brocwell if she sat with or acknowledged her fellow court members, and she stated that she did not. The board reiterated the items addressed in the Aug. 3 meeting and explained that, as stated in the letter suspending travel, her attendance of festivals on Aug. 4 and Aug. 5 were not in violation of the suspension as she asked the board before attending, attended in everyday clothes and did not attend luncheons. Her travel on Aug. 6, however, was in formal attire and was a luncheon that already had representation from the festival."

The explanation follows earlier reportage of a sensational nature.

Angie Brocwell has said her daughter was removed from office on Aug. 8, just 10 days before the festival began. On Thursday, Stover opened the festival by taking the ceremonial first bite of bratwurst, crowned the 2022 queen and was awarded a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Carle's Bratwurst. … Several people in the crowd for the queen's pageant on Thursday evening wore black T-shirts with "Long live the queen" on the front and "#TeamAbbie" on the back.