First Alert Weather sues Weather First Alert

Chaos and confusion in St. Louis! KMOV (Channel 4) filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that KSDK (Channel 5) stole its trademarked "First Alert Weather" phrase, slyly rearranging the words.

From The Riverfront Times:

The lawsuit, which is full of screenshots of local news, claims that in October, two months after KMOV started using "First Alert Weather," KSDK began began branding its meteorological coverage as "Weather First," and that those two words were often in close proximity to the word "Alert."

The suit says that attorneys for Gray reached out to KSDK asking them to stop or to negotiate some sort of "co-existence agreement."

In retaliation, KSDK changed the graphic by moving "Alert" between "First" and "Weather," so now both stations are using the phrase "First Alert Weather."

[via Fark]