Alex Jones' lawyer takes the fifth

Norm Pattis, One of Alex Jones' lawyers, chose not to incriminate himself when asked about the improper disclosure of the confidential medical records of Sandy Hook victims' relatives.

The hearing was connected to a Connecticut lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook families against Jones for calling the 2012 shooting that killed 20 children and six educators in Newtown a hoax. State Judge Barabara Bellis in Waterbury found Jones liable for damages in November 2021 and a jury trial over how much he should pay is scheduled to begin next month. Bellis, who oversaw Thursday's hearing, said it was "unusual" for a lawyer to invoke the Fifth Amendment during a disciplinary hearing.

Pattis once wrote a book about how the judicial system had "gelded" juries [Amazon], which is funny when you consider what juries have been doing lately to his client's nuts.