Cut out the nonsense with this great deal on a multifunctional knife

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What would we do without knives? As one of our oldest tools as humans, they are just as important today as they have ever been, only they're more developed in terms of functionality and beauty. But where has knife development improved the most? Definitely with the accessibility and functionality of pocket knives.

If you're someone who needs to be able to conveniently use a knife at a moment's notice, you are in luck! Right now you still can buy this MultiHelper tool at a discount as a part of our National Knife Day promotion which runs through August 31st! No coupon code is necessary for this deal.

The conveniently small knife offers a number of benefits. It's an ultra-thin multi-tool that comes equipped with 30 essential functions to help you out in everyday life. It's TSA-compliant, durable, and has 420 steel to help you avoid corrosion. Plus, it has 58 HRS, meaning you know it will stay sharp long enough for EDC use. Some of the awesome features include a standard ruler, flint, shrapnel, staple remover, a number of hex wrenches, and so much more!

Having a handy pocket knife is a great way to stay prepared. According to Gallantry, it's a great idea to have a knife handy for everyday situations, "You can slice through a seatbelt to pull someone from wreckage or cut through fabric to dress a wound."  Birchbox also recommends a portable knife highly for its all-around use as a tool, stating, "It can also serve as an all-purpose screwdriver, especially for those tiny screws that are notoriously hard to tighten."

Right now you can purchase this amazing MultiHelper tool for the low price of $25.99. That's marked down 25% from its MSRP of $34. Purchase it during our National Knife Day promotion before it ends on August 31st!

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