Spain passes consent law: 'only yes is yes'

Let's hear it for Spain! They've passed what's known as the "only yes means yes law."

The Guardian:

The new law removes the distinction between sexual abuse and sexual aggression (rape) by making explicit that consent is the deciding factor. Passivity and silence can no longer be interpreted as consent.

The law states: "Consent can only be considered consent when it has been freely manifested through actions that, in accordance with the circumstances, clearly express the person's wishes."

The legislation has dark roots, however. It was drawn up after an incident in 2016, known as the "wolf pack" gang rape, when an 18-year-old woman was gang raped by five men during the Pamplona Running of the Bulls festival.

The victim's mother remarked on the newly passed law, "This law is the result of the bravery, perseverance and dignity of a girl who knew how she wanted to live without being judged by anyone, and who decided to go ahead so that we would all be aware of the miserable road that too many victims have had to, and continue to, go down. This is something we all have to change together."