Eel farm tees and other "conger-inspired merch"

On June 15, 2022, Nick Tobler, owner of Reel Life Aquatics, a reptile and fish store in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, after much fanfare and anxious waiting from TikTok viewers, released a video of actual eels living in his actual basement eel pit. Eel pit man's twitter handle is @cowturtle, where you can find videos of the preparation of the basement eel sanctuary, which is really just a wonderful underground aquarium with gold fish, coy fish and a shrimp named Siracha. Other videos include various conversations Nick has with his eel friends, as they grow and get friendlier, with names like "crunch wrap supreme", Shaquille, Neal and Mealanie. Cowturtle recently opened an online Redbubble shop, where you can get a sticker or T-shirt declaring, "The Government Fears the Indoor Eel Farmer", and other slick electric conger-inspired merch.