Watch this mad lad build an entire gym out of legos

Lego rules the world of toys. Without question, Legos are the most popular toy on Earth, and it's easy to see why. Unlike other toys that have a specific use, Legos have infinite potential. The brand became so popular in the 2010s that the miniature figures designed to populate Lego sets began to rival the Lego bricks in popularity. Consequently, every IP worth their salt began making Lego sets- further cementing the toy's dominance and versatility. You know you're a big deal when you get Marvel and DC both have a line of toys under your umbrella. Long story short, if it exists in the real world, you can probably make it with Legos.

In the video linked above, fitness YouTuber Browney tries to test the aforementioned versatility of Legos by creating a functional Lego gym. If the big wigs at Lego were bright, they'd use this video as inspiration to create a fitness center for parents at Lego world.