A look inside the life and home of a NYC tunnel-dweller

In this touching and sad Erik Swanson video, he befriends a man, Carlos, who lives in a former sewer tunnel below New York City. As Carlos begins to trust Erik, he lets him see his home (and help with some computer problems). That's right, in Carlos' tunnel, he has electricity, a fridge, a microwave, and a PC, all scrounged from the trash. For food, he dumpster dives at grocery stores.

At the end of the video, Erik reveals that Carlos was "evicted" from his sewer tunnel home by the cops and the tunnel sealed. He's now back out on the streets and in shelters (which he describes as "wicked").

He seemed so proud of the home he'd built and the resourcefulness with which he'd built it. Heartbreaking to think that was all taken away from him.

Thumbnail: Screengrab from video.