Creating an AI-generated comic book in Midjourney

I really enjoyed watching filmmaker Elvis Deane talk about his experience in creating a comic book using the Midjourney AI art program. I love some of the analogies he uses—that working with a current AI is kind of like trying to communicate with your dog, or like having an infinite number of monkey artists who aren't giving you exactly what you want, but sort of.

In the end, he likens the process to improv theater where you have to riff off of where your scene-partner is taking things. He discusses the limitations of the current technology, copyright questions, and that fact that, at least now, you can't really get predictable results. To do any kind of linear, sequential storytelling like a comic book, there's a lot of working around the program's eccentricities and blind spots.

But, that said, in the end, Deane created a comic that he's really happy with and has made available online. He plans on doing future installments of it.

One great tip he shares for getting semi-consistent-looking characters: Use the names of actors or other well-known people in your prompts.

Images: Grabs from Elvis Deane's Goats #1.