Florida boaters find $1 million worth of cocaine in ocean — but it's the coke's label art that's interesting (video)

A group of people took a private boat into the ocean off the Florida Keys over the weekend and what they came across was nothing to sniff at.

In fact, they found a floating package "containing approximately 21 individually wrapped kilograms of suspected cocaine," according to Monroe County Sheriff's Office via ABC News.

And according to border patrol agent Samual Briggs II, their find weighed in at a whopping 65 pounds. "We appreciate the support from Good Samaritans in our community," he wrote in a post, accompanied by video showing the packages — each adorned with a large sticker displaying an eagle — being carted away (see footage below).

Last year, the mayor of Tampa was fishing off the Florida Keys when she also found a $1 million set of packages containing coke. But rather than eagle stickers, these sported an even more dazzling label of blue and purple butterflies, as shown below.

This reminds me a little of blotter art, and has me wondering who draws these labels? Why do the packages have them? And how many different coke-label illustrations are out there? A quick google search brings up nothing. I hope to find out more.

Image of butterfly-labeled cocaine: U.S. Border Patrol