Principal charged in assault on 11-year-old with autism

Brian Vollhardt, a now-former school principal in California, was (eventually) charged with misdemeanor child cruelty after shoving an 11-year-old boy with autism.

Earlier this week the Fresno Unified School District released surveillance video of now-former Wolters Elementary School principal, Brian Vollhardt, pushing an unidentified 11-year-old student to the ground in June while he and other staffers were working with the "upset student." The video does not contain audio and the student's face has been blurred.

Remind you of anything? Violent escalation against a vulnerable, unarmed, virtually defenseless minority; total confidence that he will get away with it despite the immediate presence of colleagues; local authorities refusing to do anything until the media got involved; the institution involved refusing to release the security footage of the incident for months; and then he gets to resign to avoid consequences, only to quickly get a job at a nearby forc—sorry, school.

Correction: California, not Florida