Posh British bank tells its posh customers to turn off phone updates

The high-class British bank Coutts (~£1m minimum balance) has told its customers to turn off phone updates. Despite its £690m annual revenue, its app breaks in the latest version of iOS and that's its idea of a fix, until it finds a boffin to sort out out the problem with the new electrics.

If you use an Apple iPhone or iPad you'll need to turn off the automatic update feature on your device. To do this please follow the instructions below:

Go to: Settings>General>Software Update

Then click on: Automatic Updates and

Turn off both Download iOS Updates and Install iOS updates

We'll let you know when we recommend upgrading to iOS 16.

However low-key they hoped this would be, it's currently the top item on Hacker News. Plenty of distraught, distracted phish to spear in the relevant barrel in the next couple of weeks.