The Trump Store in Tombstone, Arizona

I was driving through Tombstone, Arizona recently and stumbled upon this spectacle—the Trump Store Tombstone—right on the edge of town. It's really no surprise that Tombstone would support such a store—there are Trump flags all over town, and the clientele who flock to Tombstone to wander its old timey Western streets and watch the reenactment of the shootout of the O.K. Corral also often sport MAGA hats. It's definitely a conservative town. And also a town that loves guns. In fact, Mayor Dusy Escapule, in 2017, declared Tombstone "America's Second Amendment City." The Washington Post explained:

"Tombstone became famous because of guns," Escapule, a fourth-generation Tombstone resident, told The Washington Post. "Guys carry guns every day." It seems fitting then that this town, already dubbed "Town Too Tough to Die," would earn another nickname involving weapons. … Last week, Escapule signed a proclamation declaring Tombstone "America's Second Amendment City," making the town, to Escapule's knowledge, the only one with such title. He said that he read the proclamation during a city council meeting attended by about 50 people on Jan. 10. Johnny Rowland, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, said the gun advocacy organization supports the proclamation, describing Arizona "the most gun-friendly state in America," the Sierra Vista Herald reported.

The bumper stickers on the trucks in the parking lot had slogans like "I lubricate my AR-15 with liberal tears" (I drive a Prius, a dead giveaway!) and I decided not to head inside and see what was on offer. But never fear, the good folks at the Trump Store Tombstone have social media where they show off the wide range of goods. Their tees are an eye-watering $29.99. You know you want an "ULTRAMAGA" shirt featuring a drawing of Donald Trump looking like Superman. Or how about one with a black and white image of Trump (but wearing a red tie) holding up his middle finger, with the caption "IMPEACH THIS"? Hats? Never fear, they've got a great selection. You can choose from a variety of winners: A pastel camouflage hat with the words "WOMEN FOR TRUMP"; a black hat with the words "JOE and the HOE GOTTA GO"; another black hat with the words, "I COULD SHIT A BETTER PRESIDENT"; a black hat with the giant letters "MAGA" embroidered in gold, along with a giant gold Donald Trump signature; the same hat but with "ULTRA MAGA" instead of "MAGA"; a red/white/blue flag-inspired hat with the words "TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"; and another flag-inspired hat with the words "FINISH THE WALL".

The next time you're looking for something to wear for your patriotic attire, you know where to go!