Clinton investigator and Epstein lawyer Ken Starr dead at 76

Ken Starr, the lawyer who spent much of his career trying to bring down the Clintons, is dead at 76. His famous report on Bill Clinton blew up the then-president's lies about his sexual relationship with a White House intern and led to Clinton's impeachment in the House of Representatives. It was Starr's own tolerance for sexual misconduct, however, that kept him in the news later in life, along with his defense of Donald Trump.

Starr was also part of Jeffrey Epstein's legal team when the accused pedophile was given a deal in 2008 that immunized him from federal prosecution. He also represented Blackwater USA contractors who were accused of war crimes for killing civilians in Fallujah during the Iraq War. In 2014, four former Blackwater contractors were found guilty and sentenced to long prison terms, though Trump pardoned them in 2020.