Diffusion Bee: a simple app that sets up Stable Diffusion on recent Macs

Stable Diffusion is the hot new AI art tool, not least because you can run it yourself. But this also adds the complexity of winding up colabs or VMs or what-have-you, all things that aren't making AI art. Enter Diffusion Bee, a simple one-click installer for MacOS computers with Apple silicon: "No dependencies or technical knowledge needed"

From the description:

  • Full data privacy – nothing is sent to the cloud
  • Clean and easy to use UI
  • One click installer
  • No dependencies needed
  • Multiple image sizes
  • Optimized for M1/M2 Chips
  • Runs locally on your computer

UPDATE: I wanted to compare it to Midjourney with the same prompt used to get the unsettling but basically family/worksafe image above, and instead got an excellent reminder of why projects like Stable Diffusion are valuable: