Pennsylvania Christian fascist regales an audience with tales of ignoring her constituents

Crazed with gun and god fever, Pennsylvania state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (GQP,) went on a non-sense rant about her Christian god's founding of the United States of Firearms. I don't know what point this speech tries to make, except to prove Rep. Borowicz is a horrendous representative, refusing to talk to constituents who want her help, painting lines on the floor to keep vampires out, and simply writing off any opposing viewpoint as crazy lib stuff.


"I always say, 'God and guns got us here, and God and guns will keep us here. Never surrender on the 2nd Amendment. Never give them an inch," she insisted, even though children are being slaughtered in schools.

"I had a gun control group; I think they're called Moms Demand Action or something like that," she said before ranting about the group's name.

She said the group told her, "We're not to take away your 2nd Amendment. We just want reasonable laws placed."

(I really don't believe her story, by the way.)

"So they came up to my office right on the line," then she explains there is a line at her office door. "And I said, 'don't step over into my office.'"