Rabid MAGA fan explodes when a reporter tries to correct him with facts (video)

If you want to see a Trump supporter go ballistic, just hit them with a reality check and watch them explode. Such as the poor MAGA disciple below, who worked himself up into a high-pitched frenzy when reporter Jordan Chariton tried to inject some facts into the conversation. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

"Historically, gas and inflation has to do with global forces, not just the president," Chariton tried to explain, to which the angry fellow screamed, "That's bullshit!"

"Day one, Biden shot down oil jobs across this country. He killed 70,000 jobs!" the gentleman shouted. "On day one! Don't tell me that has no effect."

"Keystone pipeline was not 70,000 jobs," Chariton tried to clarify, but was quickly interrupted.

"He killed 70,0000 energy jobs on day one!" the indoctrinated man repeated. But when asked where these 70,000 lost jobs were, he only grew more agitated. "Do you think I have books!?" he snarled, pretending to search his own pockets with exaggerated gestures.

Chariton took a new tactic, swapping facts for logic: "I don't think it's possible on 'day one'"… he began. But the gentleman wanted nothing to do with critical thinking and immediately shut it down.

"Look it up!" he hollered, eventually calling Chariton a "motherfucker." At this point it would have been best for Chariton to simply move on — this Foxified Trump devotee has fallen in way too deep to be saved by rationality.

Front page thumbnail image: Jordan Chariton / Status Coup