Calling for an impeachment inquiry, Marjorie Taylor Greene describes… something else

Georgia super peach, Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to see Joe Biden impeached. Regardless of her having seen Donald Trump impeached twice, Greene is unfamiliar with the process. Describing her version of an impeachment, Congress first needs to "ask the question?" Purportedly they love asking it, but for some reason have not.

Greene introduced articles of impeachment for President Biden the day after he was sworn in. In reality, like when Trump was impeached, twice, the Speaker of the House will call to either establish a special committee or ask the House Judiciary Committee to conduct an inquiry and draft articles of impeachment. If the House of Representatives adopts those articles of impeachment the Senate will hold an impeachment trial. If the impeached official is found guilty they will be removed from office.

What Greene is talking about? Who knows.

Crooks and Liars:

"An impeachment inquiry is just asking the question, we're just asking members of Congress, do you think we should inquire about impeachment?" she claimed. It's not saying, do you want to impeach? It's that, should we just ask the question?" Whatever an impeachment inquiry is, it is not that. But Republicans love to "just ask the question."

"And at this point right now, I'm like, what the hell is wrong with Republicans that we can't just, hey guys, maybe ask the question?" she continued. "Maybe we should just ask and think about it and look at it and investigate in a much broader way and with more subpoena power. Just ask the question."

"So I mean, I'm at home at my house in Rome," she continued. "I've been at home hanging out with all of the great, wonderful, normal people that actually have a brain and have common sense and are asking me every day, Marjorie, when is Congress going to move on with this impeachment inquiry? And I can't comprehend we haven't done it yet."