Marjorie Taylor Greene's drag-curious boyfriend predicts another insurrection

Brian Glenn is a drag-curious conservative pundit on a rightwing YT channel and is notable mainly for being engaged in a romantic relationship with Georgia's space laser, Marge. Before a recent Iowa Trump rally, Glenn was speaking with Trump attorney Christina Bobb when he explained what he and other conservatives learned from the 2020 election and January 6th insurrection.

Glenn predicts a more successful attack next time.

Crooks and Liars:

Glenn complained to Trump attorney Christina Bobb that some Republicans do not believe the former president won the 2020 election.

"Have we done enough in these states that we can ensure that this next election, either we're not going to see, you know, wood paneling being put up in the windows to block people behind from poll watch, we're not going to see that anymore," the host said.

"Because I think if we, the first time we see that come up, I think it's gonna be a full-scale riot to stop that from happening," he added. "We didn't know any better than 2020. Now we do know."

Bobb argued Trump was facing dozens of indictments because Republicans had ensured the elections would be fair.