Texas Twinkies now available online

So, what do cream cheese, beef brisket, jalapeños and bacon have common? Well, perhaps depending on where your live and in what time period there are different possibilities that are probably equally made up, like nachos or a baked potato. In the Lone Star state, when you add the BBQ sauce to these savory ingredients, you have what some folks call a Texas Twinkie. Neither spongy or sweet, but definitely with a cream filling, a Texas Twinkie is a jalapeño stuffed with cream crease and brisket, wrapped in bacon – who doubted this from the first sentence. That concoction is then deep fried and topped with whatever BBQ sauce, or any salsa for that matter.

Essentially, the TT is a beef-up jalapeño popper. Bacon just seems, again, so obvious. Though the influential magazine, Texas Highways, ran a story on TT's popularity at Hurtado's Barbecue in Arlington, TX, the owner admits he first tried them at Hutchins Barbecue in Frisco, TX. Culture Map Dallas published an article on Hutchins Barbecue in the February 2021 issue, announcing what you did not know you had been waiting for.

First served in 2014, the Texas Twinkies are "the most requested item [perhaps unsurprisingly given the salivating readers scanning these words], and until now has been accessible only to those in the DFW [Dallas/Ft. Worth] area who want to drive to one of their two locations. But due to the magic of online shopping, they're now available to anyone in the entire U.S., a dozen for $65 …shipments go out every Tuesday morning, with a two-day delivery zone from the ship date. They arrive at your door vacuum-sealed and semi-frozen, to be reheated." What are you waiting for? You can also click here to order.

Click here for a vegan version.