New York water coming to a pizza near you

It is a truth universally acknowledged that New York pizza is infinitely superior to Los Angeles za. But the Big Apple's reign may be coming to an end. LAist reports that New York entrepreneurs are exporting the city's secret ingredient to the West Coast — water.

New York WaterMaker has developed a system to replicate the high mineral, low pH of NYC tap water.

"New York water has ideal characteristics for flavor and gluten formation and yeast activity in dough," says Paul Errigo, CEO of New York WaterMarker and of course, a homegrown New Yorker. "Which is critical for elasticity and texture and rise in baked products."

"You can use all the best yeast and flour, but at the end of the day, most of the product is water," he says.

Errigo was working at a water filtration business, when he was inspired to develop a process that he believes can turn water into, well, water, but also an exact duplicate of any region in the world. He uses filtration and mineralization to alter the water's molecular structure. The rest is up to the chef.

"It doesn't guarantee it's going to be the best pizza or bagel you've ever had," Errigo says. "There's tons of bad pizza in New York, of course."

Several pizzerias in LA have already adopted the process, and while NYC and LA may still be at war over sports, and big city bragging rights, more good pizza is a win for everyone.

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