Christianity continues decline in America

Within a few decades less than half of Americans may be Christian, reports Pew Research. Many scenarios are explored in the research, but even the most "unrealistically" slow disaffiliating projections only move the date to 2070.

By contrast, the scenario of rising disaffiliation without limits (No. 3) assumes there is a kind of ever-increasing momentum behind religious switching. The visible rise of the unaffiliated might induce more and more young people to leave Christianity …

These projections indicate the U.S. might be following the path taken over the last 50 years by many countries in Western Europe that had overwhelming Christian majorities in the middle of the 20th century and no longer do. In Great Britain, for example, "nones" surpassed Christians to become the largest group in 2009, according to the British Social Attitudes Survey.5 In the Netherlands, disaffiliation accelerated in the 1970s, and 47% of adults now say they are Christian. 

What are the reasons people are quitting? Oh, you know the ones.