Cute bugs live their best life on Gregor Samsa's favorite Twitter account

A post suggesting a Twitter handle about invertebrates could have begun with the adjectives and nouns that invoke the uncomfortable feeling that imagining an insect brings forth. But if you have entomophobia (fear of insects) you don't need the adjectives and nouns. If you don't have entomophobia you also might not need these adjectives and nouns to bring the image of "the bug" – and not Gregor Samsa from Franz Kafka's metamorphosis, though I bet this would be his favorite twitter handle.

Instead, how about cute critter bugs living life and being happy. I am fascinated with @crevicedwelling. Have you ever seen a Phrynus whitei male that is molting? What about an "albino nasatum and her normal boyfriend."? Or, a Maratus personatus – the Masked Peacock Spider, with a cobalt blue face mask ( a retweet of Joseph Schubert, Australian arachnologists).

The detailed reposted images, close-up portraits and sporty action shots, the range, size, color and variety of insects, and the clever commentary with scientific insights will delight your senses while tingling your brain – perhaps not unlike an earwig.

Isopods reign! Individual species, group photos and action shots – like my favorite video of an Armadillo officinalis isopod eating a cookie, then annoyed when her friends come by for a chat. There are also time-lapse videos of fungi growing and deteriorating to then be devoured in an all-you-can-eat banquet for insects.

For a song by the band James about an earwig having a party in one's head, check out Skullduggery, "An earwig crawled into my ear/Made a meal of the wax and hairs/Phoned friends, had an insect party/But all I could hear was the bass drum drum/All I could hear was the bass drum drum."

Samsa might then want to stretch one of his many mind-foots to think beyond and adjacent to the ontological implications of insects contemplating epistemological questions about human survival.

He would then click on What's Left of Philosophy, and listen to their podcast, here. What's Left of Philosophy is a project created by "four leftist friends [who] get together to talk about