Take a look at the new, spine-tingling trailer for the Hellraiser reboot

Horror films have been on an upswing as of late. With movies like It FollowsX, and Hereditary leading the pack, scary flicks found new life post-2010. Horror fans from the 90s and 2000s will undoubtedly remember how the genre began to nose dive as Hollywood seemed intent on producing nothing but trashy slasher flicks. Although there were a few diamonds in the rough, most horror films from the final decade of the last century almost snuffed out the genre. The 80s, on the other hand? The 80s were one of the greatest boom periods for the genre on a creative and commercial end. 

The Hellraiser series, which began in 1987, is one of the finest franchises that horror has ever spawned; and in the video linked above, you can watch the trailer for a reboot of the IP. The major talking point surrounding the trailer is the new female Pinhead. Notably, Clive Barker's original description of the character from The Hellbound Heart is more in line with the reboot's depiction than Doug Bradley's legendary portrayal.