Interview with William Shatner, revealed last night as the "Masked Singer"

Last night on the Masked Singer, the mysterious and bizarre Knight was revealed to be the great William Shatner (aka James T. Kirk of Star Trek: The Original Series). In perfect Shatner style, he sung/spoke Fred Astaire's "Puttin' on the Ritz." Watch above. From Gil Kaufman's interview with Shatner at Billboard:

Why the Fred Astaire song?

First of all, because it's a nifty song. The rhyme and the syncopation… it's a really clever song and I really enjoyed learning to do it. There I was doing Fred Astaire, thinking, "this is pretty cool." Then I put the wardrobe on and I can't move, and I can't see, so everything I had planned performance-wise went out the window. If I could have crossed my fingers I would have.

Why do this show now? Did you watch it before?

I caught glimpses of it. As I say, this friend of mine who was on the show when they asked me to be on it I talked him and I said, "how did it go?" And he said, "The worst thing I ever did. The worst experience I've ever had."

So of course you were like, "I'm in!"

Well, what does he know? He's an athlete, he's not a performer.

image: Willrow Hood/Shutterstock