The Blazing Worlds team talks tabletop roleplaying, art, and occulture

In this installment of the TTRPG podcast, The Weekly Scroll, host Ryan sits down with Janaka Stucky, Peter Bebergal, and Max Moon of the new indie RPG publisher, Blazing Worlds.

The team is on the Scroll to promote their current Kickstarter campaign for the Black God's Kiss RPG setting, but they talk about a wide and fascinating range of topics. Over the course of the hour and half conversation, they cover Blazing World's first release, Ekphrastic Beasts, indie RPG publishing and KIckstarter, gaming zines, art-driven RPGs, the trio's mutual interest in the occult and high weirdness, Gary Gygax's infamous "Appendix N" list of D&D inspirational literature (and Bebergal's anthology of the same name), cosmic horror, 5e D&D vs. old school renaissance gaming, and much more.

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Thumbnail: Promo art for Black God's Kiss. Used with permission.