Dr. Oz kindly helped rival Fetterman's campaign by handing him a winning slogan [Update: check out the new ad!]

The ever-bumbling Dr. Mehmet Oz, running for Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican, generously stepped in to help Democratic rival John Fetterman with his own campaign. Completely out of touch with just about everything, the good doctor thought he was delivering a real zinger when he cut down Fetterman's signature "costume," also known as a hoodie.

"When he dresses like that, it's not an accident," Oz said on the "Ruthless" podcast. "He's kicking authority in the balls. He's saying, 'I'm the man. I'll show those guys who's boss.'" (See below.)

Yep, "He's kicking authority in the balls" has a perfect ring to it, especially for Pennsylvania voters of all stripes. Better than any marketing expert could do, Oz effectively handed Fetterman a winning slogan on a crudité platter.

[UPDATE, 10:30am: Fetterman works fast! Check out his new ad, second post below.]

Front page thumbnail image: G Holland / shutterstock.com